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TA file format

The main feature here is the gui file format. Why? Well because it's new and it's in the work ^_^.

  • TNT v2 -> Updated Tnt file format by me22 (
  • TotalA.exe -> Provides memory adresses to customise your Totala.exe. It includes how to add additional races.
  • GUI -> Controls TA interface
  • HPI -> It's the archiving format for TA data
  • 3DO -> Stores the 3d models
  • 3DOv2 -> This is the updated version of the above 3do file format (November 7th 2002)
  • COB -> Units script file
  • COB Commands -> All the Cob commands
  • FBI -> Units data
  • GAF -> A graphic archiving format
  • OTA -> Missions Commands
  • SCT
  • TNT -> Contain the map data. Graphics, tiles etc.

TA:K file format

The main feature here is again the gui file format.

  • FAQ ->The FAQ file that allows you to fix the scripts, Gaf builder bugs etc
  • GUI -> Controls TA:K interface