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Total Annihilation : Utilities

Old TA Source code

  • Kinboat Source : 3do builder, annihilator, Cob Builder, GAF Builder, TA unit Manager, exemple for using JoeD-HPI dll and the TA format files (Some files are missing or outdated when compared to this site repository but it's still a nice reference).

  • JoeD source : Other fun stuff :HPI util source, HPI viewer source. (I know there's some missing stuf but I didnt download it back then when it was still available). 

Download here


I monkeyed around a bit with the commongui.gaf . It used to be impossible to edit, but there's a workaround. I used the trick C_A_P gave me for TA:K gaf files having a similar problem. It mainly involves extracting all the data and re saving it with Gaf Builder so that it's in a format it likes. It would seem that this was caused by compressed sequences and NOT by commongui.gaf being a large file. For those interested in how it works, here's a link to C_A_P explanation, browse down to the section called "GafBuilder Pro 2.5 and less".

I put up a copy of my result in the utilities section. It works at 90% but there's a slight problem with in game build menus. It would seem compressed sequences react differently than uncompressed and so the offsets are bit off. I'll have to correct them manualy but in the meantime it's a pretty cool file to have since it gives you a template for skin creation.

Download here

3do to MS3d importer

Can't render easily those beautiful build pic for your units because the SY plugin for 3do files is only for 3d studio max and not YOUR favorite modeling package? Well this little plugin here is the solution to all your problems and more! It allows you to import a .3do unit to Milkshape 3d with full texture and full bone structure, ready for animation or rendering. It will also make you more popular with girls. (Note : results may vary)

"But Dark Rain" you ask, "how is this different from the 3ds max gig?". It's simple, Milkshape 3d is very cheap, only 20.00$, it's also a very small download (3mb) and you can export or import to or from pretty much any format out there, which allows you to use your favorite rendering package, here's the list : 

FormatImportExport3rd party
Half-Life SMDYesYes 
Half-Life MDLDecompile OnlyYes (Compile) 
Quake MDL Yes (Compile) 
Quake II MD2YesYes 
Quake III: Arena MD3YesYes 
Unreal/UT Engine 3DYesYes 
Unreal/UT Engine Skeletal Mesh PSKYesYes 
Vampire: the Masquerade NODYesYes 
Genesis3D 1.0 BDYYesYes 
Genesis3D 1.0 MOTYesYes 
Genesis3D 1.0 ACTDecompile Only  
Serious Sam MDLYes  
Serious Sam LWO/SCR Yes 
Max Payne KF2YesYes 
Max Payne KFSYesYes 
Max Payne SKDYesYes 
The Sims SKNYesYes 
Wavefront OBJYesYes 
3D Studio ASCYesYes 
LightWave LOWYesYes 
LightWave 6.5x LOW Yes 
AutoCAD DXFYesYes 
POV-Ray INC Yes 
Autodesk 3DSYesYes 
RAW TrianglesYesYes 
RenderMan RIB Yes 
Lithtech ABC v11, v12 (NOLF)YesYes 
Lithium UnWrapperYes  
Playstation TMDYes Yes
BioVision Motion Capture BVHYes Yes
Nebula Script YesYes
Jedi Knight 3DO YesYes
GenEdit 3DT YesYes
DirectX 8.0 YesYes
DirectX 8.0 (JT) YesYes


Here are some exemple of build pics made by Grumble with the help of this plugin and Lightwave 7.5 : 

Plugin Interface :

Donwload here
Download source here


Milkshape 3d official homepage is :
Note : there's a 30 day free trial


IMPORTANT : For those who do not know how to extract TA textures, here's a zip with all of them : Ta Textures.

Version History :

-=Version 1.1b=-

  • I believe I found the bug that caused crashes on win98 machines. As a matter of fact I'm suprised it didnt crash EVERYWHERE. I was deleting the same memory twice.


-=Version 1.0b=-

  • Tidied up the code a bit

  • When you typed the path to a file or directory instead of using the browse option, that path wasnt used.

  • When there wasnt ONLY .gaf in the directory, it crashed.


-=Version 1.1a=-

  • -Fixed an atrocious memory leak that caused crashes on non NT/2k machines.


-=Version 1.0a=-

  • First release, hopefuly no bugs (riiiiight).

Coming soon : 
An animation plugin for MS3D, it's the same idea as Servo, except this one doesnt crash or wont be as buggy since its integrated in MS3D. It should be ready in a week or two, as soon as I have time to start on it.

Multi Dump 3.0

Multi Dump... mmm sounds like yet another HPI programô *yawn*. Well you ARE correct ^_^. On the other hand, while it still does the same thing as the other HPI programs, it allow you to do it on a larger scale. For example, say you want to take all the hpi, ufo, gp3 etc in your TA directory and uncompress them into a directory. You open HPI view, open the first file, dump it, wait, close it, open a new file etc etc. With multi dump, you only have to target the directory where the HPI, GP3 etc are and select the target directory for dumping and you're set. 

Of course this isnt all ^_^. The main new feature of multi dump, is that it allow you to combine multiple archive into one in a single operation. Let's say you just downloaded Merciless Creations unit pack for TA (a very good one btw). Well whooops there's like 20 files into the "pack". Have fun enabling and disabling them. Well no you can just target the directory with all your MC files, and have them recombined into a single file. Pretty handy.

As for the rumors about I having done this just so I didnt have to recombine the MC pack by hand, it's all lies! I swear! ^_^.

Download here
Download source here

Ta Profiler 1.0

Ta Profiler makes a geological survey of TA maps. It shows the metal concentration, energy, geo vents etc. The original idea was by Slower and I still use his program as the core for Visual Ta Profiler. There's a link in the readme to his page and program. :

 Get TAP here!
Get the source code here!


The Future

TA Gui Editor

The Gui Editor is half done thought I dont know when I'll start working on it again, screenshot is following :

Visual Nanoforge

This project is huge in it's scope. I planned to add many features to the original, menu editing, armor library etc. Althought the core libraries are pretty advanced and nearing completion, the interface still need a lot of work. I'm at v4.0 of the interface ie : I scraped everything and just restarted. No idea when it'll be done.